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Behavioral Counseling & Training

Helping your pet be his or her best

behavioral counselingIf your pet has a behavioral issue, we can help get to the bottom of it.

Each year, countless pets are surrendered to shelters due to behavioral issues. It’s important to understand that pets often show illness or anxiety through improper or changed behavior. If your pet suddenly starts misbehaving, we will determine whether it’s a medical or a behavioral problem. If it is behavioral, our behavior technician, Lisa Berkenstock, will teach you how to manage the specific behavior. She can also help puppies get off on the right paw at our Puppy Kindergarten class.

About our behavior technician

A graduate of Delaware Valley College of Science and Agriculture, Lisa Berkenstock of My Pet’s Teacher turned her passion for animals into a profession. With decades of experience, she has developed techniques for reshaping undesirable behaviors with positive reinforcement and compassion. She has helped prepare countless shelter and rescue dogs for a new life through training and behavior modification. 

Lisa’s credentials include:

  • Certified Professional Dog Trainer
  • Certified Veterinary Technician
  • Society of Veterinary Behavior Technicians
  • Purdue University training:
    • Dog! Principles of Behavior Modification
    • Dog and Cat Behavior Modification and Training

Behavioral counseling and training options

Lisa offers Rockledge Veterinary Clinic clients a wide range of services, including:

  • Puppy Kindergarten at our clinic
  • Adult dog training classes
  • Private dog training
  • Dog behavior consultations at Rockledge Veterinary Clinic or in your home
  • Cat behavior consultations in the familiar surroundings of your home

To schedule an appointment with Lisa or to register for one of her classes, please call her directly at 215-900-0125 or email her.

What to expect

behavioral counselingIf your pet’s behavior changes—for example, if he or she “forgets” previously good housebreaking or litterbox habits—the first step is ruling out a medical reason for the behavior, such as a urinary tract infection. One of our vets will take a medical history, focusing on the behavior change, and examine your pet. We may then recommend diagnostic tests. If the problem is medical, we will develop a treatment plan that includes the appropriate medication and possibly changes in diet.

If the problem has a behavioral component, behavioral counseling can be effective. The first step is to fill out a detailed Behavioral Questionnaire, which you can complete at home. Behavioral consultations are available at our clinic or in your home. Our behavioral technician will observe your pet and also ask you about the behaviors you have observed. Following the evaluation, she will recommend steps you can take to help manage soiling, excessive barking and other unwanted behaviors. She uses safe, pain-free methods to solve problem behaviors.

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